Sew your own ring binder cover, notepad holder and get yourself organised for next year

Sew your own ring binder cover, notepad holder and get yourself organised for next year

Are you running a small, bag making business ? It can be overwhelming, so many hats to wear always something to do.

Run your business and sewing for your business, leaves little time for anything else.

So we have put together the perfect, planner collection.

Downloadable PDF planner pages, everything you need to get on track and stay on track.

Grow your business without losing your sanity or any more sleep. 

First up, The Joint Venture Planner and Notepad cover PDF pattern. No more boring binders.... make your own to suit your style and branding.

Raw edged or you can edge coat. They can even be made in fabrics, but the construction method will be slightly different to the pattern.

Make them from vinyl or leather, cork or a combination.

You can find the pattern here

The 6 ring A5 Binder mechanism is easy to install, with just a screw driver.

Once you have your covers sorted, you can download the planner bundle. Print as you need the pages or you can have them printed as a notepad. The diary pages just need some holes punched, they will perfectly in the 6 ring binder.

The planner bundles comes with 9 planning pages, along with a 12 month diary.

Lists, prompts, order form for those custom orders on the run. Month in review to give you some brain dump space. There is even a stock and supplies page, keep track of your supplies and know when to re order them. Never get caught short again, because you ran out of interfacing.


If you haven't been much of a planner in the past.....this is probably the simplest way to ease yourself in. Planning is a habit, you sometimes have to develop. 

You can grab your planner pages here.



Have some fun with it.  From a 50cm roll of vinyl, you can get 

the binder cover

notepad cover

a small pencil case

3 card holders 

Enjoy and happy planning and business growth


You can find in store

Adhesive Fleece

Giardini Edge Coat

6 ring Binder mechanism 

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A Passion for Vinyl

JJ and Hux Fabrics

Inklings and the Kraken










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